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What colour fascia works for your home?

on Wednesday, 17 April 2019.

What colour fascia works for your home?

Fascia and soffit are usually considered as an afterthought when building or renovating a home however they stick out like a sore thumb or can ruin the aesthetic if not in-keeping with your overall theme. Planning an outfit around a pair of earrings is much more difficult than around a blouse and the same principle applies for your home – choose the element with the least amount of options first. Window elements, fascia boards and rainwater systems can be sprayed any RAL or BS colour so those decisions can be postponed.

If you have your heart set on natural stone or a front door painted in Farrow & Ball’s Lulworth Blue®, then base decisions around the non-negotiable choice. Will the natural stone be a blank canvas for some traffic red windows (RAL 3020) or is accenting with a slate roof and pebble grey windows (RAL 7032) a more appealing façade? It’s best to have a few, basic ideas before starting research as all the options can be bamboozling.


Exterior walls

As exterior walls have the largest surface area, they will be the main focus of your house. The walls could be rendered smooth and painted white, they can be red brick, they can be wood, they can be dark blue cladding or a combination of all four. The walls will set the tone as either a feature as a pastel turquoise cladding (RAL 6034) or a background aspect to highlight architectural elements like gable windows.

 Types of Bricks


The next thing to consider is your roof. As a general rule, warm and neutral wall colours suit a brown roof whereas cooler neutrals pair better with a grey roof. 


Roofing Colours


No longer are upvc or aluminium windows restricted to white or a limited range of colours. Colour doesn’t need to be synonymous with garishness; colour can be subtle and complimentary to the materials chosen for your dream home. Depending on what you choose, white upvc may clash with a non-negotiable choice: a warm, natural slate looks more natural with grey white windows (RAL 9002) than a conspicuous white.


Coloured uPVC Windows


Remember, if it’s on the outside, it will be on the inside which is why so many homeowners choose white: it's non-committal, standard, it goes with anything should you repaint the interior walls. If beige red (RAL 3012) is your perfect colour for windows against a cream brick, bringing that colour through into the living room or the kitchen gives the room a lift without having to commit to a whole wall of colour. It’s a muted red that can be a feature or it can be softened by accents within the room like cushions, vases or rugs. Utilising a dark colour like graphite grey (RAL 7024) brought through into a kitchen can work well by using bevelled, white metro tiles with grey grout with copper light fixings and industrial furniture. Colour can be brought in, if desired, via the blinds or a glass splashback.


Dual Colour Windows

Another innovative choice for homebuyers is the option of Dual Colour Windows. As windows are sprayed on a conveyor belt, it’s possible to have a different colour on each side to maximise the value of a single product. An open-plan living space can remain harmonious by using signal white (RAL 9003) on one side so chartwell green can still have centre stage on the exterior of the house.

Coloured Window Frames 


Fascia and soffit boards

Fascia boards are a horizontal band under the edge of the roof and soffit boards attach at a right angle to fascia boards and run underneath the roof. They are both important in roof design as they secure the roof area and aid ventilation that avoids moisture in the eaves and stops mould growth.

Both boards are available to be sprayed in any colour in the spectrum and a variety of finishes are available on fascia boards depending on the aesthetic of the property: a woodgrain finish can be achieved by indentations in the trim, a textured finish can give a cast-iron appearance, a metallic finish can provide a futuristic influence whereas a smooth finish is the timeless choice.


Spray Colour Guides

For a coordinated look, why not match the windows to the fascia? Depth of colour can be achieved by contrasting the rainwater system that attaches to the fascia board. A red brick house would suit either mint green (RAL 6019) or slate grey (RAL 7015) roofline products. A colour that has increased popularity lately is anthracite grey (RAL 7016) but sometimes a lighter grey like agate grey (RAL 7038) or silvery grey (RAL 7001) can deliver a more sophisticated look. Contrasting shades of grey or blue can be used with slate and white pairs with just about anything! 


Green on White Fascia


We have launched three ranges to showcase our most popular colours: Modern Monochrome, Vibrant Variants and Harmonious Heritage. To help visualise colour schemes, check out our interactive colour range tool.

If you have ever tried to take a picture of something in a magazine to match or to find later, you would have learnt that screens distort colour. When selecting a colour scheme for your home, it is good practice to use physical samples rather than relying on a screen. Ask for brick or plaster samples, visit a paint store and purchase a RAL colour card (£15 from Amazon) to see the official colours in daylight. If you require a particular RAL or BS number for any roofline products, we will spray a sample and send it to you for complete accuracy.


What Colour Fascia


Here at Chartwell Finishing, we can spray gutters, cladding, conservatories, fascia and soffit boards as well as rainwater systems and garage doors in any RAL or BS colour. To see what colour options are available for your home, visit our website: or call us on 01722 323814.