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Installed on a new build extension, orangery, or inserted into an existing flat roof, a roof lantern will help you add the feeling of space and natural light to your home. Roof lanterns are similar to skylights, but rather than sitting flat within the structure of your roof, they are constructed to project from your roof, creating a stunning architectural feature and channelling natural light from all angles.

Our roof lanterns are available in any colour and any bespoke size from 1m by 1.5m up to 4m by 5.8m. Our renown colour schemes range from Harmonious Heritage shades to Modern Monochrome and Vibrant Variants.

Due to the durable UPVC or aluminium materials used, our lanterns are trusted for their strength and long life-span. The stronger, thermally insulated ridge on our lanterns means less bars are needed, therefore drawing more light into the room.


Roof Lantern Key Features:

Plain ridge no sill

Other finishes e.g woodgrain, and aluminium lanterns are available on request

Stock 3 sizes in white PVC which can be painted to any colour

Guaranteed delivery to site in 10 working days for stock size lanterns


Roof Lantern Windows

Skylight Window

Skylight Window
Flat Roof Skylight


Stock Size (mm) 1-sided colour Double-sided colour
1000 x 2000 £1,223.78 £1,250.41
1500 x 2500 £1,518.81 £1,547.43
2000 x 3000 £2,581.29 £2,617.92

Prices are including activ-glass and delivery but excluding VAT. The width and length of the lanterns are defined as to the external face of the timber kerb (not supplied), which is recommended to be 150mm high x 70mm wide. Please call our office on 01722 323814 for further details.


Choose from a range of colour options

All of our coloured roof lanterns listed above are supplied in our three colour ranges as standard, available through one of our trusted suppliers.