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The paint that we use allows a two-step prepping process with all products carefully degreased and pre-etched by hand prior to spraying. If any faults are found, photos are taken and sent to the customer at this stage.
When dual colour is requested or limited areas are to be sprayed, the product is then masked to the exact specification, to ensure there is no overspray left on this area.

Spray Finishing

Hand Spraying - Depending on the requirements of the project, products will be sprayed by hand in our spray booth or finished on our bespoke machine.

Bespoke Machine – Our machine has the ability to spray over a working width of 1300mm and its maximum capacity ranges up to 3 metres per minute meaning productivity is much higher than in manual spraying booths. It also provides a much more consistent finish. This means that Chartwell are able to provide a fast turnaround for our customers without compromising on the quality of our finish.


All products are then placed to dry in our in-house drying facility which is carefully set to hold a temperature of 30 degrees.

Quality Control

Each job has a sample of the spray colour stored for future reference.

Packaging and Delivery

All products are individually packaged in quality protective wrapping. This ensures that when collected or delivered, goods arrive on site in perfect condition.


View our spraying process

This video demonstrates the large range of products we can spray at the same time.